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    Helping you with any legal issue that involves an animal

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    The law firm that's dedicated to the practice of animal law


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Animal welfare and animal-related biosecurity
Animal Products, and animal-related Food Safety and Trade
A partnership style of Board and Senior Management input preventing and resolving animal issues

Do you have an INTEREST, ISSUE or PRODUCT that involves an ANIMAL?

The subject of "animal law" broadly refers to the laws that apply to any use, practice or product that involves an animal.

  • Too many times we're aware of people and businesses following well-intended advice to "negotiate", "mediate" or "just pay the fine" and they end up losing, incurring penalties or getting a criminal record when they really didn't have to.
  • We've also seen corporates incur costly outcomes from overlooking legal obligations, missing animal-related market opportunities, or acting on inaccurate advice about animal 'welfare' that filters through to their plans, marketing or strategies.

Guardianz Animal Law specialises in the niche area of animal law and provides the deep knowledge, understanding and insights that often make the difference between an effective vs 'compromised' risk-management program or a win vs lose in the courtroom or marketplace. Our front-line experience from the farms and abattoirs to the negotiation tables and courtrooms means Guardianz Animal Law is uniquely positioned to provide real-world insights, risk-management advice, and effective solutions to:

  • CORPORATES, ORGANISATIONS and INDIVIDUALS who own, use or have interests involving an animal; and to
  • LAWYERS seeking input and/or review of animal-related matters that shapes the legal advice given to clients.

We focus on effectively helping corporates, lawyers, and individuals in (a) preventing and (b) resolving animal-related issues. For example:

  • CRIMINAL: How good are your policies and practices in preventing you from coming to the attention of the regulator? Or are you already being investigated or prosecuted by the Ministry for Primary Industries, the Police or some other organisation for alleged breaches of animal welfare, animal products, food safety or biosecurity obligations? (Remember, penalties include fines, seizure of your assets, disqualification and more).
  • CIVIL: Are you facing a problem involving a contract, control or dispute involving an animal?
  • COMMERCIAL: How exposed is your business - has it been more than 2 years since your animal-related policies, practices or objectives have been professionally reviewed?

Legal representation inside and outside of the courtroom
Food business compliance and proposed expansions
Working alongside lawyers on files involving animals

A labyrinth of laws and regulations, conflicting stakeholder interests and not-so-transparent agendas combine to create a complex interconnected web of issues involving animals. Making a wrong decision about animals, animal products or animal movements risks you losing money and much more.

Guardianz Animal Law helps clients and lawyers navigate the complexities in a way that's safe, smart, and cost-effective.

  • Of course, we understand that clients often want to engage a lawyer that they already know - that's why we frequently work alongside the usual lawyer or established legal team providing legal opinion and wider specialist input to the animal-related portions of a file.
  • Where a client doesn't have an established lawyer or legal team we can provide strong, authoritative and insightful legal representation in and out of the courtroom.
  • Our strategic alliances with QC's, Barristers and General Counsel, in addition to national and international networks of experts, means Guardianz tailors the skills, resources and expertise to best meet each clients individual needs.
  • The suite of services includes attendance at Board and Senior Management meetings, provision of training, policy reviews, advocacy and lobbying that collectively assist clients and collaborating lawyers in resolving and preventing problems.

Why do you, or your lawyer, want to involve an animal law specialist?

Tell us, and then let's see how Guardianz Animal Law might help you.

All the animal law services you need, in one place.

Policy, Practice and File Reviews

Advice and Representation

Strategy and Governance

Advocacy and Lobbying

Training and Education